About US

About Us

Have you ever been down the pub with your mates and had a discussion about football that got a little out of hand? Well, the three founding members of Soccerana used to do this each and every weekend… so much so that we thought the only way to decide our arguments was to put them down in written form… and so Soccerana was born.

At Soccerana, our number one passion is football.

But we wanted to give you more than just football so we put our heads together and thought about some other topics that we had more than an iota of knowledge about and was a passion that we commonly shared.

So now at Soccerana we write about everything and anything related to Football, Gaming and Tech – and if that wasn’t broad enough we also occasionally throw something completely random in to the mix if we think our followers will like it.

The three blokes in the pub is now 7 blokes (who rarely go to the pub) at a laptop and a girl – yes we allowed one to infiltrate the camp in the interests of fairness.

We really hope you enjoy our blog and if you don’t agree with anything… just blame Simon.