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Fantasy Premier League

If you ever played Fantasy Premier League you will know how much a fun and exciting game it can be. If you have never played it, then you are missing out and we are going to detail here why we think it is literally the best online fantasy football game on the planet.

There is no doubt that the Premier League is one of the most exciting football leagues in the world and billions of people each week tune in from around the globe to watch the top 20 English (okay 1 is Welsh) teams do battle to be crowned champions after 38 grueling game weeks.

Well now, you can be part of the action with the Fantasy Premier League game. You can take on a group of friends or play against complete unknowns in this game that is now played by more than 4m people globally.

What is Fantasy Premier League?

Known commonly as FPL, the game is all about picking 15 players from a budget of £100m and using that budget to get the best players your money can buy as you accrue points based on how they perform on the pitch in real life.

fantasy premier leagueSo if Harry Kane scores a goal he will gain you a set number of points (4 because he is a striker) and if he gets an assist he will gain you 3 points. Defenders and goalkeepers get points for clean sheets whilst all players have the potential to gain extra bonus points based on how they perform.

You can enter a league, create leagues and the website monitors the whole thing for you meaning you just need to pick your team each week with one free transfer allowed per week. If you want to make more transfers then you can but it will cost you minus points (4 per extra transfer).

The game has been known to make a managers weekend or completely ruin it and there is an extremely active online community around the game. Fantasy Football Tips sites and experts have sprung up all over the place and Twitter has thousands upon thousands of accounts dedicated to the game.

Draft or FPL?

This season, the official Fantasy Premier League website added brand a new type of game in to the mix. Fantasy Premier League Draft is an old concept that has been redesigned on the official platform. It is essentially the same game but it allows only one manager to own a certain player. So for example, Sergio Aguero could only be in one team in the league with a maximum of 16 teams allowed in each draft league.

This means that managers have to get together online a specified time before their league starts and pick their players, taking it in turns to pick their next best player.

This new concept has added a whole new dimension to the game and means players have an even more lifelike experience of what it is like to be an actual Premier League manager.

If you have never played it, don’t worry it is easy to pick up and there are plenty of leagues to choose from – some offering real money prizes!

Get involved at Fantasy Premier League today – best of all… it is free to play… except for your time that is!


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